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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Free Mini Guitar Hero Widget

Are you still not getting enough Guitar Hero in your life? Well then, read on ladies and sirs. Yesterday, Activision released a Guitar Hero mini-game widget exclusively through Game-Life, which you can embed in your own blog or website. The widget is played through the keyboard but with only three available songs which are: "Cult of Personality" by Living Colour, "School's Out" by Alice Cooper, and "Metal Heavy Lady" by Lions. Difficulty can't be changed and is set to easy, medium and hard respectively. Get on the Top Ten Leaderboard and win free shit from Activision and Rocket XL. Clever marketing from the folks at Activision as the battle between Guitar Hero and Rock Band continues for the music game market. Go to Game Life and get your own widget or steal ours. Enjoy.


Roque said...

Are the milking the shit outta this franchise yet? Still, pretty cool, though...

anna said...

this version sucks....oh wait, no, i just have no skills