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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Tetris: The Movie trailer drops L-shaped drama blocks on the web

This parody comes from those HI-larious guys over at Black 20, responsible for some of the funniest film parodies I've seen on the net such as 300: PG Version & Spiderman 3: Product Placement. Anyways, this makes no sense, but it's just dumb enough that it works. And if your too lazy to click on those links up there (I know my audience) check out said vids at the bottom of this post. NYUP!


PartyMarty said...

ROFL. "FROSTING!" How'd I miss that one?

Sasquatchio! said...

"BRUSH YOUR TEETH!" You know what the clip 300: PG Version and a narcoleptic cat(http://www. flickr. com/photos/thejacksons/2346371386/) have in common... Nothing really, but both are funny as hell.

Roque said...

Every time I watch these, I catch something new.