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Friday, April 18, 2008

Dem Trailers: Film Festival Edition

The Children Of Huang Shi
In this epic film about the Japanese occupation of China in 1937, Chow Yun Fat reunites with his Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon co-star Michelle Yeoh and is joined by Radha Mitchell & Jonathan Rhys Meyers. The visuals look good and it's got some good roots embeded in the director Roger Spottiswoode (awesome last name), the director of Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot!....damn. I guess we'll just have to wait and see. Check out the trailer here.

The Water Lilies
Diving into the seedy underbelly of ultra competitive synchronized swimming....actually I just made that up. I really have no clue what this film is about after watching the trailer (seeing the studio description kind of helped afterwards) but the images from this French film are pretty captivating. Check out the trailer here and see what you can gather from it.

Chaos Theory
I'm a fan of Ryan Reynolds. I guess I have to be since he's my future ex-wife's current boy toy but besides that little matter, he brings an aire of humor to his roles that transcends real nicely to the audience every time I see him on screen (plus he's playing freakin' Deadpool in the Wolverine film!). And this looks like it might be a good role for him. Check out the trailer here.


PartyMarty said...

Oh those trailers.

The Children of Huang Shi:
Epic? Maybe. I honestly don't see myself shelling out $10+ to sit in a theater to watch this one when I can wait 6 months and pick it up on Redbox for $1. But if E-Lo sees that it's "based on a true story" I'm done for.

Water Lilies: C'mon BroMash, I don't even watch synchronized swimming during the Olympics. A movie about synchronized swimmers, yeah, sure. It looks like it might be interesting but again, not something I'd be found watching in a theater on a Friday/Saturday night, if it even makes it to the big screen in Fresno. Redbox rental:probably not, I'd feel like a pedophile if someone caught me renting this at FoodMaxx at 2am.

Chaos Theory: Three words; Crappy, crappy, crappy! Damn, these cheesy ass date movies. It seems lame and as the trailer suggests, not very funny. Ryan Reynolds?... dude. Although I'll admit Sarah Chalke is lookin nice and it's not every day you see Becky Conner in lingerie. You and "significant other" enjoy that one though. We'll be next door watching The Children of Huang Shi *yaaawn*.

Roque said...

Can't all be Iron Man trailers, man. Most of these will no doubt be rentals for me as well. Except for Huang Shi, that I might go and see theatrically. And the kids of the Water Lilies...yup! That one just screams "AWKWARD!" when someone walks in and sees you watching that by your lonesome. And as far os Chaos....what can I say, Becky Conner is pretty hot nowadays...

PartyMarty said...

I think I'm getting took to see Horton Hears A Who this weekend with E Lo and the kids. I'm not too upset though, I like me some Jim Carrey. We'll see how it goes. You guys down for some giant, cartoon, elephant, Dr. Suess,...... goodness????question mark??