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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Legend of Zelda film on the way; scenes included from Roeding Park!

Since nobody will believe that anyways, let me go ahead and mention that the title of this post is a blatant, terrible lie. Yes, I am already ashamed, but then I remember I convinced my wife the coffee maker melted and poured coffee all over the kitchen counter, and I feel better. In any case, while there is a 99% probability we can all call shenanigans, someone put a lot of work into a decently genuine looking Legend of Zelda trailer for everyones favorite faux-holiday. Check it out right underneath these words you are still reading, when you should already have scrolled down and hit play, or at the very least clicked this link and gone to the sauce!

Also, this is my special way of welcoming Lou onto the roster, by immediately stepping all over his territory. Sorry mang, but I couldn't let it pass by. Welcome aboard Lou!


Roque said...

Haha! Cap'n N....wadda douche!

Adrian said...

yo brodiemash..... did you see my story on about the donation of animation film software from Pixar to Fresno State? Hook it up on your site!!!!