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Thursday, April 17, 2008

GTA 4: The OTHER product that will soon be assualting your advertising radar

April 29th brings us the release of Grand Theft Auto 4 for the Xbox 360 & Playstation 3. Which means that adverts will soon flood your web browser, television, print and every other medium that the marketing guru's can muster. Microsoft just announced that they will be putting the same amount of advertising dollars behind this game as they did with Halo 3. And we all know what happened when that game was released, right? Low box office returns. (The commercial posted up there is actually from the UK). So does Iron Man have to worry about Niko and his band of merry men jacking a portion of their cash flow? According to some analysts, Iron Man will feel the presence of the almighty GTA 4 due to the fact that they are both aimed at the same audience. I don't know if the dent will be significant (I plan on purchasing both the game & watching the movie the same week, but you know me.....I'm a nerd), but it will definitely be an interesting match to see the numbers the film puts up opening weekend. Game on, indeed!


PartyMarty said...

Sweet! GTA4 Slurpee Cups son!

Roque said...

Yeah, I still need to go find that Iron Man helmet Slurpee cup. Superior Tech!

Battledrill said...

I wasn't planning on buying it, but the technological achievement aspect of it made me curious. But guess, what? My red ring or death seems to surface only when blockbuster titles are on the horizon. PS3 in the future for me might be happening.