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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

2008 Fresno Film Festival hits Tower this weekend

Starting this Friday and going through Sunday, the Tower Theater will host the Fresno Filmworks Fourth Annual Fresno Film Festival (Mmmmm...alliteration). What does that mean? It means you got something to do this weekend: GO OUT AND SUPPORT, SUN! Most of you won't and I have to admit, most of the stuff showing seems of little interest to me (why isn't there a focus on local filmmakers? Hotel Fresno is the only film that I know of being home grown) but I'll definitely be hitting up the festival. The point is we need to go out and support this kind of stuff. Sorry....feel free to bash my editorial rant down in the comments section. I'll for sure be there opening night to see Oscar nominated The Diving Bell And The Butterfly (check out the trailer for the film here) as I'm very happy to see a film like this opening the festival. Anyways, to see the full listing and information on the films showing, swing by the official site for the festival and I hope to see some of you out there.


anna said...

found the info...i just needed to keep reading ur blog LOL

Roque said...

Cool beans! Hope to see you out there. We'll be there Fri. night for sure!