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Monday, April 21, 2008

Sin City 2 The Spirit teaser screams online

Frank Miller, the guy who just 10 years ago swore off Hollywood, is making his solo directorial debut with this upcoming film. So is this Sin City, 300 style of film making going to become the next new genre? Hmm, how knows how long it'll last before it becomes the next Smell-O-Vision but it still looks cool to me. Who knows, check out the HD trailer here, streaming version below. And let us know what your think.


Battledrill said...

That trailer was very intriguing, however the last "jump off" was extremely cheap and generic for my taste. I mean, it didn't look fake or real. Just gay.

Roque said...

Kinda concerned about this one. I hope Miller's inner fanboy allows him to make a film that is both entertaining and faithful to the material.

Robert said...

I gotta give Miller props. I smell his hand in ensuring that props went out to Eisner on the trailer and that this one doesn't fall under the Comic-Movie radar like so many others.