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Monday, April 28, 2008

Is perfection really upon us? Grand Theft Auto 4 releases at midnight

Never in my history of being a video game nerd have I seen a game so universally praised. I mean, nearly 100% (at the time of this writing, the Metacritic score was at 99%) average score from the gaming press, which have been known to be a bunch of whiney bitches (can't wait to see what Yahtzee has to say about this title). So are you guys going to be at your local store tonight? If so, take some pics, videos whatever and send them this way! We'll be out at our Gamestop so maybe we'll see you out there (listen to the podcast for more info on how to score a FREE hug!) and is you need to read the review before you buy, try here for the lowdown. Too lazy to run over there? Watch the Gametrailers review right here:


Adrian said...

Can't wait to see this game. Also on a side note, I wonder what Zero Punctuation will do on this... any predictions? Is there a GTA:SA review on ZP? IDK IMO u shud embed.

PartyMarty said...

I thought Halo 2 was pretty flawless. No?
So how was it man? I crashed around 7pm so I missed the midnight opening, saw your missed call this morning. I'm really glad that GTA4 lives up to the hype though. I'm sure there won't be any mention of "spunk flavored popsicles" in the Zero Punctuation review of GTA 4. I'm used to him shitting on games so yeah, it WILL be interesting to see hear/watch his opinion of it.

Roque said...

I think ZP will hate this game...then love it! I've gotten about 1.5 hours in and so far....a lot of story. I have yet to shoot anyone but the environment can only be described in one word: lush. Can't wait to go back for more....