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Friday, September 26, 2008

New Mighty Muggs reveal themselves

Behold the great Soundwave! Aight, I wasn't too excited about the Transformers line when it was announced at Comic Con but that looks pretty bad ass!

And although these have been announced for a while, here is the first pic of the entire next wave. Classic Iron Man FTW! And finally, it has been announced that the Indiana Jones line has been canceled. WTF!? I want my damn Dr. Henry Jones, dammit! I know people that have picked these up but according to Mighty Muggs Lounge (which is where all these pictures & info come from), all Waves (including Wave 2) have been cancelled. Time to start picking them up on eBay, people!


PartyMarty said...

Do my eyes deceive me or do they really have glossy paint jobs?

brodiemash said...

They always have that shiny look in the pics but except for few, they never have it in final production. They should def make these all glossy, though!

anna said...

can we say addicted!!!! all though i must admit your collection is pretty cool