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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Reel Pride Film Festival kicks off today

One of the biggest (the biggest?) film festivals in Fresno begins today and it all goes down over in the Tower District. There's a VIP dinner going on today (my invite must of gotten lost in the mail) at Bobby Salazar's followed by a screening of Ruby Blue. To be honest, most of the films screening I've never heard of but here's your opportunity to go and be pleasantly surprised (*sigh* no local films, it seems. Although there is the discussion panel on Sunday). The festival goes on through this Sunday and ticket prices are not listed on the web site but I'm sure that they shouldn't be too outrageous. Or maybe they are. Usually when these events don't list actual prices on the web site promoting the event, it means that the prices can't be too low. But if your a film fanatic and you wanna go see some movies that otherwise you probably would have to wait for DVD, here's your chance this weekend. For more info and the full out schedule, head on over to the official site here and start planning accordingly!

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