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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Jack White Scores Quantum of Solace Coke Zero Ad/Theme Song

White Stripes frontman and Raconteurs founding member Jack White scores this Coke Zero ad and will be collaborating with Alicia Keys for the theme song "Another Way To Die" in the new Quantum of Solace film. This James Bond-style Coke Zero ad is part of Coke's global campaing tie-in with the Bond film and is part of Coke's largest campaign ever to support Coke Zero, which I happen to drink by the case. Bond fans will be able to pick up a limited edition Quantum of Solace bottle featuring the famous gun barrel and an image of James Bond in a pose with silhouetted Bond girls. Bond, Jack, Zero....Win. This will probably be a soundtrack I'll pick up once it's released.


brodiemash said...

I'm sure someone will come on here and chime in but I believe that this is the song that Jack White disapproved of and was pissed that Coke went ahead and used it for the commercial. Anyone else here this?

PartyMarty said...

Yup. This is the one. He did the song for the film but the suits let Coke use the ad. He did another ad for Coke a while back and a bunch of people were saying that Jack sold out. I'm sure that's another reason why he's SUPER PISSED that they let Coke use the song. Song is dope though.

Heres that other vid.