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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Chevy Volt production model fully revealed

After some spy shots over on a certain movie set and some leaked photos 2 weeks ago, this morning GM revealed what could, potentially, totally change the face of the American automotive industry: the Chevy Volt. Just a recap, the car promises 40 miles on a single charge (which you just plug into the wall at home) and after that, the combustion engine kicks in to power a generator (not the car itself) to recharge the batteries. Pretty cool, huh? Check out more details over at Autoblog here and check out the gallery here for more pics. I'm seriously considering getting one of these bad boys when they hit showrooms Nov. 2010, fasho! The future is here!


PartyMarty said...

It's awesome to see a concept like that go into production. But I'd wait until there is more competition in this category before I even think about buying something like the Volt. I'd like to see if Toyota or Nissan could do it better for a lot less. You're gonna need an extension cord.

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