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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Transformers 2 explosion from filming in Long Beach; Chevy Volt makes it's first public appearance during filming

So Shia got his hand smashed and they decided to write that into the script so the production is moving along and Transformers Live Action Movie Blog has been keeping track of everything. This week, the production has been filming some scenes in downtown Long Beach including the awesome action scene you can check out in the video embedded up there. Pretty cool, huh? It's always cool to see shit blowing up. And although I couldn't find embeddable video to post, you can click here to check out some more footage of the cars driving down the street in the LBC, including a surprise: it seems Chevy has let Mr. Bay use the upcoming, top secret, game changing Volt in the feature. The final production car is supposed to be revealed in November at the LA Auto Show but it's shown up on the internets a couple of months early. If Chevy can live up to the projects lofty promises, I think I'm looking at my next car. Sure, it's super good for the environment, gets 40 miles on a single charge, hardly uses any gas. But the coolest part? It was in Transformers 2! Be sure to hit up TFLAMB for a crapload more pics and info on the film!

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