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Monday, August 25, 2008

Fast & Furious teaser trailer drifts onto the web

(click Michelle's teeth for the Quicktime trailer)
Fast & Furious

UPDATE: If you can't wait for the Quicktime, here it is for you streaming!

Here it is. The trailer I've been waiting for all my life. Well, at least since the original TFATF in 2001. A continuation of those characters' story. Will it suck? Probably. Will I enjoy watching it? Yup, pretty much going to love it. The stunts look pretty cool, actually. Overall a dope trailer. Hopefully the craptacular dialogue and acting will be held over enough to give us all a reason to go check this out when it drops next year. If only I could watch this at the drive-in like the last one. Check out the trailer here and more some exclusive pics here at IGN.


PartyMarty said...

Damn, so now it's just F&F?? What the fuck is their beef with truck drivers? That shit ain't right. Anyways, it looks lame, which makes it a perfect sequel to the original. MR actually looks kinda hot in this one, Neutrogena FTW. Wait till yaguey finds out she's back. Oooh.

brodiemash said...

Yah, can't wait to see what she'll have to say about ol' Skank Nose! Totally agree with the whole truck driver thing. I'm surprised they haven't rallied to protest the depiction of truck drivers as helpless victims...hold on, was that a 7 trailer load?! Fuck that, dude deserved to get jacked!

Battledrill said...

Oh Jordana Brewster you came back to me, thats all that matters. Truck drivers need to roll with a dog or something at least, its like why fight over the truck and then you just jump out of it? No supras in this one please, i need one eventually. Maybe Supe up a CRX instead.

anna said...

i am actually excited yes it will suck but vin disel is still hot!!! yes i said it hot!!