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Friday, August 22, 2008

Space Invaders + Twin Towers = Controversy

UPDATE: Tatio, the owners of the Space Invaders IP has issued an official response....a pretty pissed off response, actually. Check it out here.

So what's going on this week in video game news? Well, the Leipzig Games Convention is going down in Germany and at the show, digital artist Douglas Edric Stanley has produced an installation to help celebrate the 30th anniversary of the release of Space Invaders. So what did he do? He had the alien spaceships attack the Twin Towers. Yup. Offensive to me? Yes, but not because of the 9/11 reference but rather that something as simple as placing an 8-bit picture of the towers behind the classic video game that is Space Invaders is being considered art. You can read the different reactions people had, including family members of people who died in the attacks over at Fox, AFP, UPI & the original source at Kotaku. I gotta go now: I'm going to superimpose an image of Mother Teresa's face over Tera Patrick's head on her newest video and submit it to the Rouge. So what do you guys think: Was it offensive to you? Is it being blow (sorry, poor word choice) out of proportion? Or should we find this guy and go America all over his ass?

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