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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Review: Rock The Bells 2008

Yeah, an amphitheater isn't exactly the best place to hold a Hip-Hop show, I found out this weekend. Maybe it as the fact that i didn't spring for the seated area, opting instead to pay $35 to stand at an angle and therefore destroy my ankles with all 800 lbs. of me. But I'll take it as a lesson learned. The performances were all great, except for MF Doom, who apparently a couple of days before the concert was officially removed from the lineup. Last year at the same festival, he was a no show and I was hoping this would be the time for to see him but I guess it wasn't meant to be. But everyone else rocked: De La Soul was awesome, Red & Meth rocked that shit, Ghost & Chef kicked some Cuban Linx & lead the crowd in a rendition of Shimmy, Shimmy Ya in honor of the late ODB. Beers were $12, food was ridiculous and I heard quite possibly the dumbest song of all time come from Spank Rock. Or maybe I'm just getting old. Overall, an awesome show with some classic Hip Hop groups. Tribe, Pharcyde, Nas, De La, Rakim....that's a pretty fucken awesome lineup! And some of the weird things I saw there: a girl with more hair under here arms than me, a lemonade vendor taking a hit of a joint mid sale and a couple in which roles were reversed when the dude's drinking a Cranberry Smirnoff and the lady was pounding a giant beer. Good times!
This was a promotional item they were giving out for the upcoming release of the Street Kings film on DVD. Kind of an odd thing to be giving out at a Hip Hop concert, no? I'm a sucker for buying stupidly expensive stuff at concerts. But I've been wanting to make this shirt for a while but never got around to it. So I just bought one.


Battledrill said...

That shirt is the dopeness.

PartyMarty said...

I missed the last few RTB's and Doom didn't show. Maybe if I show up, he'll show up too. That's what happens man. I would have loved to see Tribe and De La, think I've seen all the others though. 'Cept fer Doom.