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Monday, August 4, 2008

I'm Addicted!: Geometry Wars 2

So last week, Geometry Wars 2 was released and I was pretty excited since I was a big fan of the original. Little did I know that the sequel was going to totally take over my life for the next couple of days. Wow. I mean, just check out that video on top. It's like getting hit in the face with a rainbow mallet after taking speed and pounding a case of Redline. Yeah, it's intense to say the least and it really gets addicting. It's the simple gameplay mixed with the high definition, yet vastly simple graphics: a truly excellent experience and anyone who was a fan of classic early 80's video gaming must give this game a spin. Feel free to drop me an email and let me know what time you wanna come over...well, maybe. Only if you bring the Redline!


John Rios said...

No kidding! After playing the damn game at your place yesterday, I had to run out and pick up a copy of GW: Galaxies for the Wii (only system I currently have) and ran my thumbs ragged playing it tonight! We'll have to get together for some friendly (read: unfriendly) competition!

John Rios said...

I played it during my lunch hour. Does that count as obsessed?

brodiemash said...

I can certify you as officially obsessed ONLY if you went home for lunch for the sole purpose of playing....did you?

John Rios said...


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