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Thursday, August 7, 2008

This weekend comes....Fresno's 1st Swede Festival! Your coming out, right? Hold, why not?!

No excuse, you should go out there. The date is finally here and the entries have been received! This Saturday, 2pm is the date & time for Fresno's 1st Swede Festival and I'm hoping to meet some of your guys out there. At the show, we will be premiering our newest swede, The Usual Swede-sepcts. That shot up there is the only official screen shot released so far as to not spoil the surprise for those attending the gathering. If all goes well, I'll post it up here after the show sometime Saturday evening as well as some of the other local entries (which, if you really wanted to check 'em out, you could find online). So if you haven't made plans to attend, do so now! Mark it in Entourage, your iPhone, Crackberry's, whatever. Just show up and bring some friends. If we get a good response, maybe we can expand this to an annual or bi-annual event to keep the community here growing! Now I'm off to go buy some Swedish Fish for the event!

What: Fresno 1st Swede Festival

Corridor 2122, 2122 Mono St., Fresno, CA 93721

When: Saturday, August 9th at 2pm

Who: Presented by The Dumb Are Mostly Intrigued By The Drum & Corridor 2122


Revenge of The Seamonkey. said...

Couple of questions.

Well, more like one question.
Are you allowing cameras to this fun-filled event?

Oh and I thought you might like this.

brodiemash said...

Good question...Um, I guess they would be but since I don't really know how the gallery feels about that, I can't say for sure. I will speak to William and ask him what he wants to do and post his response back here on that issue.

LOLOL! I hadn't seen that. That was awesome. The first punch was tight. Thanks for that one.

Sarah Marie said...

You guys did such a great job! And of course, you gotta love that you named it "The Usual Swede-spects"- HA! I wanna watch it again!