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Friday, August 8, 2008

Yet more shamless promotion? Yes indeed!

So tomorrow is the big day of our first event so I will continue to use this blog as a promotional machine and I don't care what you say! I'm sorry, I do care what you guys say! I apologize for the lack of posts these last couple of days, just trying to get this thing going has sucked up all my time. That, plus there's been a relatively stagnant amount of cool shit happening in the nerdosphere, quite frankly. Hopefully, we'll get back on track next week!

The Beehive posted a wonderful write up on the Swede Festival and they also posted some of the entries that will be shown there. I wanted to try to keep some of them as a surprise but I told them to go ahead and post them so now I'm going to repost them over here in case you guys missed them:

Iron Man (produced by Brittany Stapleton, Katie Howden and Michael Banti)

When Harry Met Sally (produced by Will Albritton, Josh Tehee and Jaime Holt)

Yup, so there's a preview of what to expect. Also, head on over here to Fresno Famous to read an article they wrote on the festival in which I kick down 5 Tips For Swedeing! Check 'em out and I hope to see you all tomorrow!


barrazie said...

just got home man and, I muhst say, ,great work all around. Great crowd, free beer, swedish fish, what else could you ask for? Oh, yeah , Swedes. Lots of fun.

Ray Arthur said...

Things I learned by attending the First Annual Fresno International Swede Festival:

You can make a pretty enteretaining little movie for under $100.

Will Albritton looks much better with his shirt ON.

Suzanne Bertz-Rosa really does have a husband named Roy.

Jaime Holt is not really an actress...she's just faking it.

Roque Rodriguez created something than could put Fresno on the "film" map.

Roque's SWEDE Festival - a cute little, snarky, kind of counter culture event - received almost a dozen entries through blog viral marketing. And one of those entries was from Great Britain. I wonder how many years it took Redford to get an international entry at Sundance. I hope Roque runs with this for next year's Second Annual Fresno International Film Festival. It has the potential of being great fun for local filmmakers and moviegoers alike, and great for Fresno.

Revenge of The Seamonkey. said...

Things I learned from the fest.
Because I'm lame and didn't get enough sleep so I hit snoze on my alarm... a lot....... so I overslept... and missed it.
Let's hear it for the lameo!

PartyMarty said...

Great turn out for the first Swede Fest. Thanks to all those who came out for the support and for crankin' out some awesome "Swedes".

edluv said...

love the work you all put in. good vids. sorry i didn't make the "premier."

great work spearheading this roque.

brodiemash said...

Things I learned from the Fresno Swede Festival:

• I sweat a lot when speaking in front of people.

• Colored Swedish Fish are impossible to find.

• Swedes are something that can truly bring people together.

Thanks for all the kind words but this weekend's Swede Festival wouldn't have happened without everyone's participation. It was the unity of the community that really transformed this little gathering into truly an awesome event.

Anonymous said...

yay! had fun.

and im not gonna quit making swedes until i get ray arthur to appear on film with his shirt off.