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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Local dog video makes it to semi-finals of Alpo Real Meat Moments video contest

His name is Kaze, he's a Jack Russel Terrier and he loves his Alpo (who doesn't, that stuff just looks so delicious) and he's proven it so far but helping propel his video to the semi-finals of the national Alpo Real Meat Moments Video Contest. But Kaze needs a little help from you...yes, you! Head on over to the official page here and look for the video (it's the only one from Fresno) and cast your vote to help Kaze get his golden bone. I looked at every other single video and I can assure you that none of them are as cool as Kaze so don't waste your time, just go over and vote and take my word for it. Lets put Kaze in the victory circle where he belongs and we'll keep you updated on his progress. Vote now, vote often and spread the word! The voting end tomorrow so don't put it off! Fresno represent!

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