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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Lets make it a Hip Hop week!

All kinds of Hip Hop-ness going on this week around here. The Readnex poetry squad will be performing tonight at the Smokehouse. Immortal Technique will be performing over at The Exit tomorrow night and again this weekend at a little concert going on at the Shoreline Amphitheater called Rock The Bells. Yup, I'll be there for that one. I mean, lookit that lineup up there. No serious, check it out. Crazy, huh? Yeah, that's bananas. I've heard bad things about this venue from other people but still, I'll be there. We got lawn seats for $35 (which I thought was a bargain, quite frankly) and that should leave us some money for a shirt and 1 beer with a $100 bill. So far we have a packed car but if some of you out there are planning on heading up to see the show, we should caravan! C'mon, I know there has to be some heads wanting to go see this lineup! Who's in?

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