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Monday, September 15, 2008

This week's Flashback Feature: Back To The Future

Ah yes it's that most wonderful day of the week once again and as well all work towards the end of the rat race come Friday at least we have something to look forward to before the weekend comes. You might be wondering why I'm reminding you all about this week's Flashback Feature today so early on but the reason is a good one: Alcohol! What better way to see the DeLorean tear shit up on screen than a bit (and only a bit) under the influence? So that's why we're planning on meeting up this Thursday, Sept. 18th before the 10pm showing of the classic film Back To The Future over at the new Me & Ed's Coney Island restaurant's bar (located in front of the theater, near the parking garage) at 8:30 pm this Thursday. The film starts at 10pm and tickets are $5 so that'll leave plenty of time & $$$ for beer. So prepare yourself, spread the word, bring a friend & come get a drink with us before we experience the awesomeness of Back To The Future!

1 comment:

Michael said...

Beer and Back to the Future? I'm there!