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Thursday, September 11, 2008

This week's Flashback Feature: Annie Hall

I've never seen Annie Hall and I don't plan on heading out to go see it tonight. Sorry, I'm just not that into Woody Allen, what can I say. I can respect dude and all he's done (I watch anything he does with Scarlett....but that's because of Scarlett; plus Kevin Smith owes a lot to this man) but this week's feature just doesn't beg me to go out and watch it theatrically. But I'm sure many of you would like to get a chance as watching it on the big screen so tonight's your night since it's showing at Edwards Theater tonight as part of their Thursday Flashback Features. Remember, $5 tickets and they start at 10pm. (I think next week is the one I'm more excited about....Bolivians!) Here is the trailer for Annie Hall in case your on the fence about going out and watching it.


Bryan Harley said...

Why would I want to see the film that beat Star Wars for the best picture Oscar in 1977 on the big screen?! Fuck it!

brodiemash said...

A sore subject, huh? Sorry man....