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Monday, September 8, 2008

Rumor: Will Smith set to play Captain America

UPDATE: Aintitcool has gone and asked the right people the right questions over at Marvel and have come back with a definitive "No" from the studio on this rumor. Consider it done. Check it out here.

Seems like today is the day for all kinds of casting Aintitcoolnews (via MTV) is reporting that Marvel is considering Will Smith for the role of Captain America. Before people start getting all "No way Captain America should be played by a black man!" lets step back and lets ponder this: Will Smith will not be playing Steve Rogers but rather Isaiah Bradley. Who is Bradley, you ask? Well you see, after Steve Rogers was given the Super Soldier Serum, scientists tried to recreate it and tested the serum on some black soldiers. Bradley is a product of that experiment and became Captain America for a short time. Now it's been reported in the past that a Captain America film will be a World War II story so that would gel with the idea of Isaiah Bradley existing in the universe (as Bradley got older, the affects of the serum caused him to become almost childlike) and it seems to have been neglected in mentioning this possibility in any of those previous stories (this proves my nerdiness, no?). Hmmm, seems very interesting so far. What do you guys think? If this theory doesn't fly, can Will Smith play Steve Rodgers?


The Fresnan said...

I didn't like the idea when I read your headline, but after your breakdown, it sounds cool.

Then, maybe later on, they could switch to a different Captain. Only it would be true to the storyline instead of just switching actors to play the same roll.

In other news: I need to hang out at Heroes more.

brodiemash said...

If they could get both the Rodgers/Bradley stories going concurrently in the film, it might work. Maybe instead of "Bucky" Barnes, Bradley is the sidekick. Not sure, but it could work if done right. I just don't think that using the Bradley character as the main Cap figure in the film would be something Marvel would want to do. But who knows, they're totally rewriting Marvel lore with the movie versions of these characters (which isn't all too bad) so why not this?
And yes, Heroes is nice and all but Steve-Dave won't stop hitting on me every time I go in, demanding I respond to his "Whut-Whut" with a "In The Butt". Foreshame....