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Monday, September 1, 2008

Das ÜberPost: School Is Back In Session

I know that God didn't invent them, but damn are Pluots delicious....Oh, didn't see you guys there. Well after taking it easy for a week due some insane deadlines at work, everything should be back to normal this week....somewhat. Anyways, besides working most of this holiday weekend, lets recap some of the coolness:

• You like eating at Livingstone's in Tower? Yeah, I used to...until this happened this weekend. I'll still be going there to get my drink on every once in a while but they sure slammed the door on getting my hard earned lunch money!

• So Wanted has come and gone theatrically and now I wait for the inevitable release on DVD to relive all that gun play. Word around the web is that writer extraordinaire Mark Millar is already feeding Hollywood ideas for the next installment and he's also reiterated that there will never be a sequel to the graphic novel. It makes me sad but I guess it's best to leave well enough alone. Check out the full interview here at Newsarama.

• What's this nonsense I hear about the whole Fox lawsuit against Warner Bros. might mean that the film could be delayed and possibly not even be released next year? Bullshit! They better work something out cause I wanna see this fucken movie next March! Check out the full story here at Slash Film.

• Although we posted this a while back and it got pulled, here a better view at that Max Payne (not to be confused with Major Payne) trailer. Looks very odd but strangely draws me in...but probably not. Check it out over here at Yahoo!

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