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Thursday, September 25, 2008

brodiemash's Top 5 Films of 2008 (so far)

So we've made it clear into September (OMG, Halloween is right around the corner) and this year has been one of the best as far as the quality of films released so far. And we haven't even started Oscar season which will undoubtedly bring us some more good stuff. So to preempt the barrage of films surging this way, here are my top 5 films released so far this year:

5. Wall-E

I was expecting that this film was gonna be good but I didn't expect what it ended up being: A silent film with so much heart that it leaves you with a good feeling when you leave the theater. You know that age old movie quote "A feel good movie"? Wall-E is the manifestation of that very quote. Pixar has had a track record that rivals any and this one has to rank up there as one of the very best films they've ever done.

4. Iron Man

What can I say? This film rocked my socks off and started off the summer blockbuster season with a repulsor ray to the face of the industry all while giving Robert Downey Jr. the resurrection he's always truly deserved and Marvel Studios the weight it needed to bring us their universe to the big screen. The film was not perfect but it totally kicked ass. In cased you missed it on the big screen, the film will be released on DVD and Blu Ray on Sept. 30th.

3. The Dark Knight

Some of you might be shocked that this isn't #1 on my list and I'm right there with you. It's really hard to describe what a "perfect film" is but this one came so close to living up to that title. There were a few kinks in there that kind of bothered me over all but overall The Dark Knight rocked. We'll see what happens with this film come Oscar season as I'd be surprised if Heath Ledger doesn't get some kind of nomination here.

2. The Wackness

I doubt that this film will make it onto most people's top list (especially here in Fresno since the film never opened up here; according to this the film is going to open in Visalia on Oct. 15th) but I was fortunate to see this awesome film and it touched a brother's heart. From the script to the music, it was an awesome experience and know that nostalgia played a big factor in The Wackness' position on my list. 1994 was a tremendous year in music and life in general for me so this flick really took me back. Awesome stuff.

1. The Fall

Like I've said in the past, storytelling is king in my book. And to see this story come to life through a little girl's imagination just exploded my head. Tarsem's surreal visuals really did a wonderful job of projecting this world in the film. Sure the script might not have been perfect but the acting (especially from Catinca Untaru, who deserves at least a nomination for her role of the young girl Alexandria) packaged along with the sheer awesomeness of the music, visuals & the creativity really made this the most enjoyable film I've seen this year. The film was just released on DVD & Blu Ray so I suggest you pick it up and check it out. Or at least throw it on your Netflix Queue.

And that's the list so far. We still have some heavyweights coming between now & January so who knows how this list will look like when I do my Top 10 of the year then. So let me know what you guys think. Did I miss anything? Let me know what your Top 5 films of 2008 are so far.


kylelowe said...

Thank you!

I've seen all five of these movies and The Fall was certainly amazing.

It was especially nice that my girlfriend and I had nearly the entire theater to ourselves when watching it... And it was the smallest one in all of Edwards!

The storytelling is exquisite and production was awesome.

Thank you again for making The Fall the top of your list!

brodiemash said...

Yeah, I was really happy to see that the theater was packed when we went to watch it. I thought it was going to be one of those films that Fresno never got but was happy that Edwards even was showing it.

An awesome film, indeed. This is the main reason I want to buy a Blu Ray player. Thanks for your story!

Michael said...

I'll have to check out The Fall. I've been looking for a good movie to break in my new PS3 and since Iron Man isn't out till next week, this one gets to do it.

Great list and it's nice to see some lesser known stuff at the top. I wish I had known about The Fall when it was hear, I love those types of movies.

PartyMarty said...

I'm gonna have to say that those are also my top 5 this year although I'm not exactly sure which of those I'd place at the top. The Fall easily has the best visuals, jeez that movie looks beautiful.

PartyMarty said...

I lied.