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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Slow weekend at the box office...

The Nic Cage action-thriller remake 'Bangkok Dangerous' led the box office this weekend with a measly $7.8 million, making this the slowest weekend for movies in five years. The top five was rounded out by 'Tropic Thunder' $7.5, 'The House Bunny', 'The Dark Knight', and 'Traitor'.

September is generally a slow month for movies. It's that weird transitional period when the summer box office is dying down and studios are gearing up to release their big Oscar contenders. Meanwhile, the television networks are all preparing to debut their big new shows for the fall season. But this does mark the seventh week this year that earnings have fallen behind compared to last year. Studio analysts are blaming this on the state of the economy, high gas prices, and the recent storms on the gulf coast. However I blame this on such craptastical releases as 'Bangkok Dangerous', 'Disaster Movie', 'Babylon A.D.', 'Death Race', 'The Longshots', 'The House Bunny', etc.

We'll find out next weekend when Focus Features rolls out the Coen brother's comedy 'Burn After Reading' and Overture Films releases the De Niro/Pacino team-up 'Righteous Kill'.


brodiemash said...

I started thinking "What was the last cool Nic Cage film I saw?" I never got into National Treasure, Ghost Rider sucked was either Adaptation or Gone In Sixty Seconds for me, I guess....

PartyMarty said...

What? Didn't you see NEXT? Mmmmm, SPECTACULAR!!! /sarcasm. Anyways, Disaster Movie, ugh. When are those two shitheads gonna stop making these horrible spoof movies already?

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