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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Dem Comics: Secret Invasion #6 Review

Secret Invasion is this year's Civil War as it seems that Marvel has seen how much money this huge crossovers produce and decided to turn it into a yearly event to milk money out of nerds like myself. Not to give much out if you haven't read any of the books but those damn shape shifting Skrulls have taken over the world and now our heroes don't know who to trust as key figures have be revealed to be the alien species in disguise. That's all you get from me. Good stuff so far, the artwork on this mini series is being handled by Leinil Francis Yu, whom I'm a big fan of but I know some people don't dig his style (he's no McNiven, but he's still on point), and Brian Michael Bendis on writing chores is Brian Michael Bendis; a rather mediocre writer if you ask me but his effort on this book is a little above his normal fare for me. But it's the last two splash pages at the end of this very issue (released this week) that made me write up this review. After all that been going on in the Marvel Universe these last couple of years, those splash pages almost made it all worth it for me. Head on over to Heroes right now and pick it up so you can see. It'll be worth it even if the story is all convoluted and super hard to understand if you don't know what the hell has been going on these days in the Marvel Universe!

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