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Thursday, September 18, 2008

This week's Flashback Feature: Back To The Future

Back To The Future. Yup, this is the week that it all begins to get real good for me. Now I honestly can't remember if I went to go see this film theatrically when it was first released so seeing up on the big screen is gonna be bad ass (unless it's a really crappy print for some reason) and I can't wait! I will be there tonight and so will a some of our fellow Dumb Drummers as we meet up beforehand. What, you haven't heard? Well, here it is once again: Meet up at 8:30pm at the Me & Ed's Coney Island (located just north of the Edwards Theater entrance) and check out the film at 10pm. Not clear? Just head on over here or here for more details or drop us an email. Hope to see some of you out there tonight!


barrazie said...

Rape, Beer to the Future!!!!!!1

PartyMarty said...

Save the clock tower! SAVE the clock tower.