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Friday, June 20, 2008

Eagle Field to host Dinner Dance & Fly-In this Saturday night

So we all got excited for nothing when Indiana Jones came into town last year, filmed and ended up using about 2 seconds of that whole thing in the final cut. No biggie, right? Well this weekend you have the chance to visit the Peruvian airport...uh, I mean Eagle Field, when they host a Dinner Dance and Fly-In. Although not much info is available on the official web site, I called the info line and found out that tickets are $75 a person for the event. Here's the info blurb found on the web site:

Join us for our annual Dinner Dance and Fly-in hosted at Eagle Field in Fresno County. Several WWII aircraft will be attending including B-25 Mitchell bombers, trainers and others. Have a wonderful steak or chicken dinner professionally catered by a fabulous local restaurant. On stage in our historic WWII era aircraft hangar will be the Knight Sounds big band playing the original arrangements of Glenn Miler, Tommy Dorsey and others. Vintage aircraft, autos, and guests who choose to wear vintage attire or military uniforms make this a truly unique living history event allowing guests to literally walk in the footsteps of our heroes.

Yeah, I'm not quite making to swing those ticket prices (although it is for a good cause, preserving the airfield & honoring WW2 vets) so it's doubtful I'll be able to make it. But if you can swing that and are in the mood for some good food, a big band and a full on Swing Dance Competition, get yer ass out to Firebaugh this weekend, take some pics and have a gay ol' time! "Gay" meaning "fun" not...well, you know. I heard they might have some production sketches and other Indiana Jones stuff from the filming that took place there last year as well. That'd be awesome to check out (you know they had the wrap party over there last year? Awesome!) There is also a Sunday breakfast thing too, but I'm not too sure about the time or price on that. For more info, call (929) 828-9690 or visit the web site here. If you do attend, please shoot some pics over!

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