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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Rob's Review: The Incredible, Edible Hulk.

I'll keep 'em separated Offspring style here to ensure that we don't run into any complications, so the first mighty paragraph will be spoiler free, while the next may have a thing or two in it, but shouldn't be much more than you've already gotten out of the trailers.

It was good. It was damned good. The trailers don't do it justice, but watching it, I can't really imagine that there would be any way to really make a better one and still convey the jist of what the Hulk is all about. The Tony Stark scene was in there, and you don't even have to wait through the credits to see it. I did wait through the credits anyways, just in case, but nothing there. We'll have to check the webernets and see if there's something in there for the main release, or if they played it cool this time. I give Iron Man the slight edge here, but it's slight, and I'm going to say most of that edge comes from a.) Geeking out over the hardware, and b.) teh funny wordplay.

*Spoiler-ish Section*

I'm going to go on record and say the coolest bit of the flick for me was when Blonsky (Tim Roth) had taken the Super Soldier Serum (and we all know what that means, huh guys? huh? HUH?) and went up against the Hulk. The just-slightly-more-than-human reflexes and strength and such made it a very, very cool precursor to what Captain America could be like. There are a few references to other Marvel stuffs within the flick, and keep your eyes peeled for a peek at who the next films villain might well be with an interesting little origin setup.
The Hulk was done well. I wanted more rage from him. There is a scene where he's beating the shit out of Abomination MMA Ground-and-Pound style, and I'm thinking "Yes, yes, it's perfect! If he just rains the punches down while screaming, it's pure rage, pure Hulk." And then he pauses. Wha...? It was so close. Still, good flick, way better than the trailers make it look, and worth your $10 ticket.

Oh yeah, and Lou Ferrignos part was pure win.

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brodiemash said...

Great review, sir! So what's this I hear about an end credit scene being left out of the press screenings much like the Fury scene was in Iron Man? Hmmmm....