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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Fresno City Council to shut down Fresno Film Commission

Bullshit. That's seems to be all we're getting from our "leaders" that we pay to run our city. I can type away and list the ways our fine politicians have decided to slowly and systematically run this city into the ground. But in not very eloquent with words (as you can tell by the first word of this post) so I won't waste your time. Rather, I'm here to inform you about the latest idea out of the think tank that is the Fresno City Council: decommissioning the Fresno Film Commission. It seems like they plan to get rid of it and everyone involved. So what can you do to help stop this nonsense? Well, come by downtown city hall tomorrow, June 17th around 2pm (if you do go, try to get there before) as the council is voting on the budget around that time. Here's the email sent out by Ray Arthur, an overall good guy and head of the Film Commission:

An Email sent out by Ray Authur, Fresno Film Commissioner:
Many of you have asked, based on Councilmember Duncan's motion to defund the Fresno Film & Entertainment Commission, when the vote on the Commission's budget will occur. The budget motionvoting process is scheduled to begin at 2:00 PM, on Tuesday, June 17th, in the Council Chamber at City Hall.

I'm going to try my best to be out there and I really hope that those of you interested in keeping our film community growing here in Fresno can make it out there!


Andy Hansen-Smith said...

Email your councilperson if you live in Fresno regarding the Film commissioner's position being defunded.

Candyland said...

Thanks for the head's up! Just went in and emailed my council member for a NO vote.

Andy Hansen-Smith said...

The Fresno City Council will vote on this budget motion on Thursday as well as 24 other motions to Mayor Autry's budget.
Around 8-10 people voiced their concern over the de-funding of the Film Commissioner's position at today's council meeting.Hopefully this will help persuade the council to fund the position.

Andy Hansen-Smith said...

Councilmemeber Duncan withdrew his de-funding of the film commissioner position with the request Ray Arthur provide a business plan for the coming year in regards to his focus and where money will be spent.

brodiemash said...

Awesome news, indeed....