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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Gears Of War 2 new official footage & unofficial beta footage

I know we've been lagging on covering the latest video game news as of late (I mean besides reposting Zero Puncuation, of course) so I figured this would be a wonderful jump-off point. Today brought us some new official footage (along with and interview with CliffyB) and just recently, this unofficial footage was leaked. So if you interested, check it out cause you know the footage will be down REAL soon. The environments looks cool, new weapons look tight...but for the fans, it enough to keep the juices flowing until we get our next taste of official footage. But keep an eye out as we start to tackle more comics, music & video game related stuff. Seriously.

UPDATE: Even more footage has been uncovered and embedded after the previous vid. And it's even better!

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