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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The DUmb #6 • Civic Doodee

Another podcast has hit the internets for you too consume. This time, fellow Dumb Drum contributor Barrazie shows up for his first EVAR podcast and joins me as we talk about the Entertainment Weekly Top 1000 Of The Last 25 Years list, how how uses his kids to steal stuff from stores, we detail our trip to City Hall and how we single handedly (ahem) saved the Fresno Film Commission, we propose a cage match on top of City Hall for Autry vs Dyer, go over some other cool podcasts, we tease our upcoming Swede Film Festival thingy and much, much more. All clocking in at around 42 mins. so get your podcast on and join us! Thanks again to Late Update for hosting our podcast!



Michael said...

According to wikipedia (which NEVER lies), the girl that played Vicky on Small Wonder is Tiffany Brissette and the last tv thing she did was an appearance on the 700 Club. Apparently she now works as a nurse in Boulder, CO and is also an "experimental" dancer (I'm hoping stripper).

brodiemash said...

Awesome! If she in fact is a stripper, I bet you her specialty dance is the robot. ZING! On that link there was a link to this current pic of her: