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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

To Be Continued: City Council ends today's session before vote on the future of The Fresno Film Commission

Update: This comment was left on our original post regarding this FFC matter and give some more deatiled insight on what went down today. Thanks to Andy Hansen-Smith for the update and insight.

The Fresno City Council will vote on this budget motion on Thursday as well as 24 other motions to Mayor Autry's budget. Around 8-10 people voiced their concern over the de-funding of the Film Commissioner's position at today's council meeting. Hopefully this will help persuade the council to fund the position.

So after today, I have a new found respect for the members of the Fresno City Council. Man, they have to sit through some drawn out meetings filled with mindless banter, pay some meticulous attention and at the end of the day, make it all work. But I'm sure the high they get from serving the public need is what gets them through. But for Joe Public like myself, I could never make it through those meetings without catching a few Z's as other talk numbers and nonsense. Anyways, the meeting started around 2pm. Eventually, Chief Dyer and Bubba himself made cameos (Would anyone else besides me pay to see those two have a cage match for charity? Those two walk around with an stench of bad ass-ness). When 4:45pm came around, I had to leave and they had not yet reached the motion concerning the Fresno Film Commission. But before that, the council had asked for the public to voice there concerns with the upcoming budget and I was ecstatic to see how many people came out to support the Fresno Film Commission. Now I'm not a public speaker-type of guy or else I would have gone up and made my voice heard, plus when I did gather up the cajones to go up there, the guy that was up there made such an inspiring speech about public safety, the need for more police and referred to the whole Officer Nieto situation that me going up there and saying "Please keep Fresno making movies" seemed like a moot point. It was a cool experience to see the inside of the Puppet Masters spaceship for once and I'm not sure if I'll be able to make it back this Thursday at 8am when they resume for voting on the matter, but we'll try to keep you updated here. Once again, thanks to everyone who came out and if you were there and have pictures or video, please send us some links! We'd love to post them here.

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