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Friday, June 20, 2008

Pixeloo burns scary images into my head with his mad Photoshop skills

So I was cruising around over at Joystiq this morning when I ran into this. So I headed over to Pixeloo's blog and found all types of disturbing images. CGI models of what some of our favorite cartoon characters would look like in the real world. Needless to say...very creepy. Head on over to Pixeloo's site here and see the rest of his creations including Nike Bellic, Stewie & Homer Simpson in Hi-Res glory (go ahead and click the Mario to embiggen). So weird but I can't look away.


jay said...

While this is awesome and all, it kind of makes the beloved Mario character look like some sort of dirty plummer rapist. Still great CGI and a cool concept.

brodiemash said...

Yeah, he def looks like he needs to be on that Megan's Law website. Poor, poor Toad...