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Monday, June 9, 2008

APB for nerds! Apple to announce more cool stuff today at WWDC, 3G iPhone

So to day is one one of those days. Steve Jobs will be giving a keynote which means new product from Apple. A revised iPhone is expected (and this nerd will go batshit insane if I don't get it) as well as a slew of other announcements, which we'll post here as the news flows in. Not quick enough for you? Head on over here to Engadget's live blogging of the event or here for MacRumors updates which all begins at 10am PDT. So will this new phone mean that I HAVE to upgrade my current iPhone? Lets sit back and watch.....I love these keynotes.

Update 1: Next version of Apple OSX officially named Snow Leopard.

Update 2: 3G iPhone official! Pic from the conference

Update 3: Even thinner, black plastic back, solid metal buttons, same gorgeous display, camera, flush headphone jack, and dramatically improved audio. GPS official, as well.

Update 4: The iPhone 3G 8GB will sell for $199. $299 for the 16GB -- a white version of this size will be available too. Available July 11th in the US and 21 other countries worldwide.

Update 5: If your one of those who already have an iPhone (like myself) you'll be happy to learn that AT&T is gonna take care of us. Check out this article for all the details of upgrading to the new phone. NYUP!

Head on over to for all the details!


edluv said...

good lord. release date?

brodiemash said...

Forgot to update that. July 11th is the release date.