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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Wanted midnight screening this Thursday night: who's down?

Who goes to midnight screenings anymore? Well, I wish I did but as an old man, I can't seem to muster up the energy anymore (damn yooz, father time!). I tired for Indy, but failed. Well, with Wanted coming out this week, I got a renewed sense of youth. I feel like the bustling 18-year old of yesteryear and with new found gusto, I'm doing it! I'm going to the midnight screening of Wanted this week. Fuck yeah! So who else wants to ride out on my energy train? C'mon, join us over at Edwards this Thurs. night (technically, it's Friday morning, but you know what I mean) at 12:01 am even if it's for the screening of Wall-E, which they're also having a midnight show for. Afterwards, we can all practice trying to "curve the bullet" in the theater parking lot so come packin'! So who's in?

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