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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Dem Trailers: City Council Edition

Vicky Cristina Barcelona
I recently started getting into Woody Allen films. I won't lie: Scarlett Johansson had a little to do with my sudden interest. But besides the hotness that is Scarlett, Allen's films really shined for me and found his ability to tell a story entertaining. Once again, Woody goes back to his muse with his next film and he's also brought Penoleope Cruz to spice stuff up. So the big hype on this film? The girl on girl action between Cruz and Johansson. Hmmm...I wonder if I'll be checking this film out. Well, check out the trailer here at Yahoo! and decide for yourself.

The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button
Last year, Francis Ford Coppola released a film called Youth Without Youth which has a similar premise as this film (that film is currently on it's way to my house via Netflix) and I can't help to wonder who's "old people getting younger" film will be the better. Coppola versus Fincher. Sounds like a good battle! Check out old Brad Pitt by clicking here and checking out the trailer.

Bottle Shock
A "wine movie". That's what this film is. I always hear people say the Sideways was the best wine movie. Well, I would agree simply because it probably the only "wine movie" I've ever seen. Now comes this little film. Can't go wring with Alan "Hans Gruber" Rickman plus it's good to see Bill "Doesn't anyone have any missiles left?" Pullman back on screen. Plus, it's always good to see California kick ass on a world stage. Check out the trailer here and see for yourself.


Anonymous said...

I personally enjoy a chick flick cause you know, im a girl. But Javier Bardem? Well, he's NO eye candy! I think men are on their own on this one. They can't blame their girl for going to see this movie. --yaguey.

brodiemash said...

That's interesting. I know we probably don't get to many women readers here but I think I just found our next poll: Do you find Javier Bardem sexy?