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Friday, June 13, 2008

Dem Trailers: Castigame Edition

The Punisher: War Zone
Frank Castle is one of my favorite characters out of the Marvel Universe. I mean I'm a huge Punisher fan. So when the Tom Jane version was released a couple of years back, I was hyped too see Hollywood take another crack at the character. Well, although I liked Tom Jane, the rest of the film was kinda "meh". So now Jane is gone and we get Ray Stevenson instead. Never heard of him, never heard of director Lexi Alexander, although it's cool to see a female taking the helm of such a bad-ass character. The trialer looks prety cool but I'm not totally sold on this yet. Check out the trailer over here at IGN.

Bill Maher. Yeah not a big fan of the guy and you wanna know why? Simply cause he said that the turntable can't be considered a real instrument and his general stance on Hip-Hop as a whole is dumb. Everything else, we're cool. But regardless of what I think about him on those topics, this film looks good. It's the Farenheit 9/11 of religion! Check out the trailer over here at Apple.

Miracle At St. Ana
So this is the film that Spike Lee is currently pushing and it was at this film's screening in Cannes where them fightin' words came outta Mr. Lee's mouth. Yeah...that has nothing to so with this trailer but figured it would help fill up space. It's Friday & I'm lazy. And there you go. Now go check out the trailer over here at Yahoo!

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