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Monday, May 19, 2008

Fandango can't beleive Indy 4 shot in Fresno, new images from local shoot appear

I decided to head on over to Fandango this morning to see which theaters here in town would be doing midnight screenings for Indiana Jones this week and on the front page I saw this story teased on their home page called On Location with the subhead of "See where Indy 4 filmed, from Brazil to Hawaii to.....Fresno?" Yeah, I wouldn't had believed it either if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes. Also, they've posted some cool pics from the local shoot that I had never seen and they dropped some fun facts in that Harrison Ford flew his own plane to Eagle Field (which is playing a Peruvian airfield, apparently) to do his shots there and they mention Savannah’s CafĂ© over at Chandler. That's pretty effin' cool! Anyways, check em' all out over here. So anyways, who wants to go to a midnight screening at Edwards this Wednesday night? Let's do this!


Heather said...

Such a great post. Thanks for the heads up on this!

If I didn't have to work Thursday, I'd totally be up for a midnight showing.

Roque said...

Work?! C'mon, you gotta get your priorities straight. PLUS, you've been one of the films biggest fans in the Fresno blogosphere so you owe it to your readers. Chalk it up to research for work, your boss' will see it as you taking the extra initiative and give you a raise. Sweatergod!

PartyMarty said...

Always bustin' someone's balls sir. Meh, I'm not jazzed about Indy so I'll probably check it out wheneverthefuck. Midnight, bah!