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Thursday, May 1, 2008

Dem Trailers: Really? Edition

From Fernando Meirelles (the director of City Of God) comes this thriller having to do with a worldwide epidemic that causes blindness in most of it's population. Hmmm...yeah, that would scare the crap outta me if that ever actually happened. Shit, it shocks me every time how bad my vision is without my glasses. Anyways, check out the trailer here and then wonder how your life would change if you were to catch this disease.

Henry Poole Is Here
Good to see Adriana Barraza working again (it seems like it's been a while since I saw her rock it in Babel) and this one sees her balancing off of Luke Wilson in this little quirky film. The whole miracle Virign sighting has been done to death in sitcoms (It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia comes to mind as the most recent) I'm wondering how the concept could be stretched out into a full film. Check out the trailer here and see if you see God in this trailer.

Glass: A Portrait Of Philip In Twelve Parts
I had never heard of Philip Glass before I saw this trailer but count me in for this one. It reminds me of the wonderful Sketches Of Frank Ghery only music instead of architecture as the theme and I'm always up for a good documentary. Check out the trailer here for some music and see if it jives with you.


Ethan C. said...

The Jose Saramango novel that's the source material for Blindness if brilliant and terrifying... definitely worth reading before the movie comes out.

Roque said...

Interesting. Yeah, the whole concept seems very terrifying in a "Oh shit, could this really happen" kinda way. I'll have to keep an EYE (pun intended) out for the novel.