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Friday, May 2, 2008

One for the Roq'star; Fury cameo in Iron Man vid up

Roque may not have stayed past the end credits of Iron Man(when your 6ft GF says its time to pick up your yorkie and tuck her in, YOU DO THAT SHIT) but now he, and you 'aint gotta. Thank you io9, for super secret special saucing us with the magical 11 herbs and spices of Samuel Jackson, or Sam Jack as he will henceforth be dubbed, as Nick Fury. Yes it is a super crappy cell phone video but meh, whaddayagonnado? It is Sam as Nick(ultimate Nick Fury for continuity's sake).
While we speak of Iron Man, a word to the wise Roq, purhapsually a good friend, nay, hetero-lifemate would have been a better choice for the Iron Man sneak preview. I'm jes sayin.
I wouldn't have pestered you with questions about the tech or Marvel canon, I would have even bought the Mr. Pibb & Red Vines. Frankly there is nothing she could have offered that I can't match. NOTHING. Check the video here or above.


Roque said...

Yeah, like your wife is an Iron Man expert, right? Plus, this scene wasn't in any of the press screenings, sucka! So I guess next time you need to live by your own rules and raffle ANY nerd screening passes you get to one of the "guys" right? Good find, though!

PartyMarty said...

Ooooh daaaang!!!!! Fight!

barrazie said...

word, and exact.

Battledrill said...

"when your 6ft GF says its time to pick up your yorkie and tuck her in, YOU DO THAT SHIT"

You win the internet sir.