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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The DUmb #5 • My Girl Made Me Cry

"So where's this mythical swede?" one might ask. Well, it's not here yet. Sorry. But it's coming, sweatergod. In the mean time, why not listen to our newest, latest & awesomey (yup, awesomey) podcast! This week, fellow The DUmb contributors Robert Anaforian & Martinez join me in welcoming back special, special guest Bryan Harley from AMF Productions. This episode we chat about that new Indiana Jones movie coming out, Iron Man box office, future Marvel movies, City of Ember advance screening mini-review, embarrassing movies that we like to watch, Uwe Boll vs. Michael Bay, movies that made us cry, bag on "classic" films and other random goodness. Just another day in the office. Thanks to for hosting the podcast!

Download The DUmb #5 Here!

1 comment:

anna said...

pretty dope dude you guys were very entertaining. I enjoyed it greatly.