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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

LA trying to ban Taco Trucks; is Fresno next?

I was surfing Yahoo! news when I came across this little news story about how a new law going into effect this Thursday in Los Angeles is trying to make it illegal for Taco Trucks to stay in one place for more than 1 hour. Apparently, this law has existed for quite sometime now but previously, the fine was only $60 if they stayed for a half hour. The new law will jack that fine up to $1,000 for 1 hour of non-movement and possibly even jail. So what happens now? That's where the organization Save Our Taco Trucks comes into play. They have hired a lawyer and vow to keep doing what they've been doing. So what do you think? Will we ever see such an ordinance come into effect here in Fresno? Or is there even something already in place? All I know is that I love those Tacos Trucks and I'll be buying one of these shirts to help support our Trocas! Be sure to head on over to the site here and sign the petition to help stop the insanity from spreading up here. Also, check out the Facebook page here for more info. For those of you affected by this dumb law, enjoy your last legal taco tonight and just know that we'll scarf down a couple of tacos for you tonight when I visit my local Taco Truck. Those shirts are just too bad ass.....


ed said...

fresno already has an ordinance. basically, if you have a taco truck it's supposed to have a fixed cement pad, electrical, etc. you're not supposed to be able to drive up to a spot, and park for an extended period of time.

so, taco trucks, lunch wagons, etc can come to a business, but they can't really park there. unless they've got their own "fixed" location.

Robert said...

That sort of decision should be up to the owner of the property that the truck is parked on, don'tcha think?