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Monday, May 12, 2008

WTF Hancock, WTF!?!?!? Reshoots this weekend spell possible doom

This film has already wrapped up production in November, so why the hell is "The Fresh Prince" standing in Times Square with a production crew, in his Hancock gear 7 weeks from the films released date? Could this be the sign of a crap-tacular film to come? Quite possibly. WTF is Spike Lee doing?? Rumor has it that Hancock failed to get a "PG-13" rating from the MPAA after two submissions, each time coming away with an "R". The fact that it currently holds an R-rating makes me want to see it even more. Peter Berg tells the New York Times: “We had statutory rape up until three weeks ago.” Wanna see Hancock bust a super-hero load?? If that isn't enough, wait till you read the rest of the article here. Ferfuxsake! -partymarty

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