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Monday, May 5, 2008

Dem Trailers: The Wackness edition

UPDATE: has posted 6 clips from the film. I'd rather wait to see the whole film (it's just that type of film for me) but if your adventurous, by all means go check them out right here. Thanks to Barrazie for the links

My day started off on a downer, but then I saw this new trailer for The Wackness. Lookit that pic up there. Any film portraying the ancient art of "Making the fucken Nintendo work" has to be a winner. We had posted the teaser not to long ago and now comes this longer, better trailer courtesy of Myspace Trailer Park, which you can download here in HD. Sit back and enjoy the ride, sirs! KEEN!


Robert said...

Anyone got the name of the track on the trailer?

Roque said...

"What Goes Around" by Move.meant

PartyMarty said...

Dopeness. Dang, the nostalgic blowing the cartrige shot, tee hee.

PartyMarty said...

Don't feel blue son, I'm sure if Ryan Reynolds had seen you first he'd have asked you to be his wife instead.

Roque said...

I wouldn't mind being married to the Merc With A Mouth! Awesome!