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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Fresno Filmmaker Forum mixer TONIGHT!

So you live in or around Fresno, your interested in or already making films and you like to get your drink on (but not too much, right?). If this describes you (shit, even if it doesn't) feel free to join other like-minded individuals tonight, Thurs. May 22nd at 7pm over at Full Circle Brewery (great place, BTW. Awesome beer!) in downtown Fresno for a mixer put on by the Fresno Filmmaker Forum. What more can you ask for? Film, drinks, downtown. Sounds like a winner to me so I'll be out there but I'm not exactly a "mingler" so I'll just sit back and troll around as I pound beers. I wonder how many times the pharse "Indiana Jones" will uttered tonight? Hope to see you guys there!

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