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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

New Indy 4 featurette appears, now with more Eagle Field! ...maybe....

So the hype machine for Indy 4 is rolling as I recently heard about Dr. Pepper cans having images of the icon on them. So over at they've posted a new feature on director Steven Spielberg doing what he does so best. Now, it might just be the fanboy in me there were some shots in there that look like they were shot at Eagle Field out in Firebaugh. Now, I've been to the location many times as a child and recently as a grown-ass man (what, I loves me some WWII history) and I'd be willing to bet that shot up there is from there. Anyways, the video is cool, nothing special, but if you'd like you can search and find some other local shots in it.....or just stop being a fanboy and just wait for the damn movie to drop in a week or so. Head on over to SlashFilm for the embedded video.

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