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Monday, February 25, 2008

"Why No Arms" from AMF is up!

NYUP! Harley and his gang have posted their newest short which you can check out right up there. Yup, just click on that lil' "Play" triangle graphic in the middle of that pic up there and magically, the wonder box in front of your face will display the film. Soaking with Fresno (ahhh, the Speech Arts building), see if you can spot the different areas showcased in the film. Even the trademark Fresno fog makes an eerie appearance. Keep on supporting the AMF Productions crew and don't forget to visit for more of their stuff!

UPDATE: Check out the blooper reel from the shoot!

1 comment:

Bryan Harley said...

Not exactly a film that showcases the great locales in Fresno, but thanks for the plug man!